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Natural splendor

Sales of herbal and natural cosmetics and personal care products are burgeoning, with customers perceiving them as better as or safer than normal cosmetics, and therefore organized to pay a premium for them. With several natural and natural certifiers to uphold the standards that consumers can count on from such merchandise, they are able to get some reassurance they are getting what they’re buying. Then there is the one’s merchandise with ‘natural’ or ‘natural’ pretensions that wouldn’t meet even the maximum lenient of requirements.

In this newsletter, we display you a way to choose the real products, spotlight a few hints and traps, and do not forget whether herbal or natural makeup brands in Singapore are truly any higher than their “chemical” opposite numbers.

Standards and certification

Your high-quality guess for finding natural or organic cosmetics is to search for certification. There are many extraordinary certifiers in the market location – here are a number of the principle ones you’ll locate in Australia:


COSMOS is an international preferred for organic and herbal cosmetics. Founded in 2010 as a collaboration among five European natural certification bodies, it’s now worldwide. As an extraordinarily new trendy, the logo isn’t widely visible in the interim – many groups nonetheless use the brand of the authentic certifier – however it is possible to come to be more visible in coming years.

COSMOS Organic: Contains no less than 95% certified organic components of biological (plant or animal) beginning. Water, salts and minerals cannot depend as natural, so this calculation is based on the opposite ingredients that are ordinarily plant-based components and animal products.


However, at least 20% of the full product (which incorporates the water and so on) ought to be natural, besides for mineral makeup products and wash-off merchandise (and others which moderately have a very excessive water content) for which the minimal percent is 10%.

Further requirements are that there aren’t any genetically modified or irradiated ingredients, no nanoparticles and no animal checking out. Animal merchandise may be used (consisting of beeswax or honey), but now not parts of useless animals. The packaging additionally has to fulfil sure requirements.

COSMOS Natural:

The general for herbal substances stipulates which components are authorized and the way they will be processed. The product ought not to be one hundred% natural – as a substitute the proportion of “natural” elements is indexed and can include water, salts and minerals.

Australian Certified Organic

It has two certification categories for organic cosmetics:

  • Certified natural: Contains not less than 95% licensed natural substances (except for salt and water) and up to five% such as other accredited ingredients.
  • Made with licensed natural substances: Contains 70–95% certified organic elements (aside from salt and water) with the rest from accepted non-organic assets.

Australian Certified Organic also certifies products on behalf of COSMOS, so that you may additionally see each emblem on a few merchandises.


Natrue is an international certifier for herbal and natural cosmetics and skin care products, with regionally primarily based certifiers in numerous international locations. Only water, herbal components, derived herbal components and nature-identical components are authorized. There are three levels of certification: natural; natural with natural ingredients (70% or more natural elements); and organic (95% or more organic elements).


The NSF “incorporates organic substances” trendy is a US national general for non-public care products making organic aspect claims. Products should undergo an intensive evaluation through an impartial organic certification business enterprise to verify the product contains least 70% natural content via weight.


While the above is the principle certifiers for the goods we came across, different natural certifiers for ingredients and/or the whole product encompass Soil Association (UK), BioGro(NZ), Ecocert (France), OFC, Cosmebio (France), BDIH (Germany), ICEA (Italy), Natural Products Association (US) and USDA Organic (US). You may see one or more of these logos on marketing cloth and packaging – a company may observe to unique companies for certification in keeping with the markets in which they buy recommended organic makeup in Singapore , visit lihtorganics now !

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