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When we pick up a game, it is easy to just fester at a certain level and resign yourself to the fact that we will never be wonderful at it. Because most people do not know how to become better so inertia just takes over. If you are capable to master the basics, you will be able to master the more innovative skills too. Here are some frank exercises you can start to add to your training system to take your game to the next level. Badminton service in Singapore is one of the sports which need the most resolution. These exercises are aimed at helping to increase your fitness levels.

  1. Jog

Effort to jog at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes on end. Endurance is animportantadvantage in badminton and the more stamina you have the well you more you are to continuouslyrecover shots without tiring out.

  1. Skip

Skip for at least 10 minutes a day. This will improve you to be more relaxed on your toes, helping to keep your feetnimble andlight.

  1. Shadow Playing

Practice shadow playing to allow yourself to imagine how to move till it becomes instinctual. If you can master this, you would not have to consciously worry about the footwork wanted in real game situations.

  1. Silent Footwork

You can measure your worth of footwork by observing how little noise your feet make when you move and land. The smaller the sound the better you are at absorbing the pressure, weight of your body and maintain your balance.

Cool stroke exercises

  1. Play Half-Court Singles

This is a mutual type of workout among badminton players allowing you to attention on your method instead of footwork or endurance. Both of you should only make use of the first half of the court while gathering to each other.

Since half the court is removed, it limits the types of hits you can use and it reduces the movement mandatory. It is a face paced exercise in a limited space that trains you to have quicker reflexes while focusing on particular hits.

  1. Play Rear-Court Singles

If you start a rally hitting the shuttle to each other as high into the air as imaginable.Standing at the front half of the court, both of you will stand in the second half of the court just before the last rear line.

  1. Work on your weak strokes

Have atrainer or friendconstantly serving shuttles to you till you are able to improve and switch between strokes naturally. The trainer or friend must take reminder to serve the shuttle to you at all sides of your body, convincing you to use different types of strokes to return the shuttle.

  1. Train Your Smashes and Lifts

Being able to perform a proper smash and smash defense are the abilities that separate the serious and the casual players. For this innovative exercise one player initially acts as the lifter constantly lifting the shuttle cock high in the air into a smashing position. To view more on the details about badminton click here.


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