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What is organic hair color?

Organic hair color is made from natural, safe ingredients. It does not contain chemicals found in typical hair color, such as ammonia, sulfates, parabens, and resorcinol, which are thought to be harmful to our health. Organic hair salon in Singapore use dyes derived from plants.

Henna is a common type of organic dye that was used by the ancient Egyptians. It is made from the ground leaves of a shrub. Henna produces red, auburn or brown shades. It can be used to darken or add reddish highlights to our hair, but not to lighten our hair all over. Some people are allergic to henna, so always do a patch test about two days before we use it.

Other sources of organic dyes are rosemary and black walnuts, which will darken our hair, and chamomile, which will bring out blonde highlights.

Advantages of organic color

The ammonia in synthetic hair dyes is used to penetrate the hair shaft. Overuse of these dyes can damage our hair by making it porous and prone to breakage. They can make our hair look dry and brittle. In addition, studies have shown that repeated use of synthetic hair color might increase our risk of some types of cancer.

When we use organic color, our hair stays soft and touchable. Unlike synthetic hair colors, the ingredients in organic color do not penetrate our hair shaft and do not affect our hair’s porosity. Because of this, when we use organic dyes, our hair stays natural and gentle looking. In fact, some of the ingredients used in organic dyes can protect our hair and make it stronger and healthier.

Using organic color allows us to avoid the health risks posed by synthetic dyes. Organic dyes are a great choice if we are allergic or sensitive to chemicals in synthetic coloring products. By using organic dyes, we also avoid releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment.

Disadvantages of organic color

Unfortunately, because organic dye does not penetrate the hair shaft, it cannot be used for dramatic lightening and it does not last very long. We cannot use it to go from dark brunette to light blonde. In fact, the effect can sometimes be barely noticeable.

We can be allergic to the natural ingredients in organic colors, particularly to henna.

Our opinion

At the hair boutique, we prefer to use synthetic colors because they last longer and they can be used to create almost any effect. We recommend that we keep our hair healthy by avoiding harsh shampoos, conditioning regularly, using deep conditioning treatments, avoiding heat styling whenever possible and using a heat protectant whenever we do style with heat. Always use products designed for color-treated hair.

What is next for organic hair color?

With more and more people finding they are allergic to certain ingredients, and greater stress levels which also cause sensitive scalps; there will be a much greater need to provide a gentler color. This alternative to regular colors is definitely on the rise; it does everything that a regular color would with the added benefits of being completely natural. To read more about organic hair professional in Singapore check here.