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A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, typically electrically motorized, suspended from the ceiling of an area that uses hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air.

A cheap and good ceiling fan in Singapore rotates much additional slowly than an electric table fan; it cools individuals effectively by introducing slow movement into or else, hot air of a room. Fans never truly cool air, unlike air-conditioning instrumentation, but use considerably less power (cooling air is thermodynamically expensive). Conversely, a ceiling fan also can be used to decrease the stratification of warm air in a room by forcing it right down to have an effect on both occupants’ sensations and thermostat readings, thereby improving climate management energy efficiency.


Unlike air conditioners, fans only move air—they do not directly change its temperature. So, ceiling fans that have a mechanism used for reversing the direction within which the blades push air can facilitate in both heating and cooling.

Some ceiling fans are automatically reversible rather than an electric reversible motor. In this case, the blade must be pitched to the right for downdraft and left for an updraft.

In summer, the fan’s direction of rotation should be set in order that air is blown downward. The blades must lead with the upturned side as they spin. The breeze produced by a ceiling fan speeds the evaporation of perspiration on human skin that makes the body’s natural cooling mechanism much efficient and well-organized. While the fan works directly on the body, instead of by changing the temperature of the air, throughout the summer it is a waste of electricity to leave a ceiling fan on when nobody is in a room.

In the winter, ceiling fans must be set to turn the opposite path and on a low speed. Air naturally stratifies—that is, hotter air rises to the ceiling whereas cooler air sinks. Unfortunately, this implies it is colder on or close to the ground where folks spend most of their time. A ceiling fan, with its way of rotation set in order that air is drawn upward, pulls up the cold air below, forcing the warmer air near the ceiling to move down to take its place, without blowing a flow of air directly at the occupants of the room. Thus the thermostat within the space can be set a few degrees lower to save lots of energy, whereas maintaining the same level of comfort. To read more about ceiling fan Singapore online check here.

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